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Extra-long ribbed grip with thin spaced out ribs to provide the cushion of a thick grip with the feel of a thinner one. - Made from our NEW Supersoft rubber compound - Designed with Chase Dehart - Bar ends included
Primo Turbo Pedal
When Connor Keating approached us with this idea we knew instantly that it was something that we had to try to make a reality. The Turbo pedal has a unique body shape that covers the end of the axle giving a near flush connection to the crank arm. This allows you to have much more foot placement freedom when standing on the pedal as well as more grip, an improved surface contact area for modern day crank arm grinds and an all-around more ascetically pleasing appearance. The pedal can be tightened via an Allen bolt on the backside of the spindle and also allows for the use of a thin park tool style pedal wrench.
Primo JJ Pedal
$21.99 - $49.99
JJ Palmere's signature pedals are made of an impact resistant nylon blend featuring Primo logo end caps, unsealed bearings and chromoly spindles. Specifications: Size: 9/16" Weight: 13.6oz
Primo 121 Half-Link Chain
The 121 Half-Link Chain is heat-treated and engraved with the Primo logo. The half link design makes more precise rear end length adjustment possible. More links than Zelda 85 links included
Primo Ritcher Stem
The Richter stem features durable forged construction with a proven grooved clamping area to provide increased grip. Designed in part with team rider Nate Richter. - 50mm Reach - 25mm Rise
Primo Rebar
$79.99 - $84.99
The Rebar, designed with Craig Passero, is made from heat-treated straight gauge chromoly for extra durability.
Primo Pro Fork
$129.99 - $139.99
The Pro Fork features a 1pc machined steer tube and post weld heat treated chromoly legs. Alloy top cap that accepts 6mm and 8mm allen keys 6mm investment cast dropouts 26mm offset 3
Primo Churchill Cranks
Stevie Churchill's signature 3 pc, heat treated 4130 Chromoly crank features a custom arm shape and comes with a Primo bottom bracket. • 48 spline heat-treated Chromoly spindle • Ready to truck el toro • 160 - 175mm lengths
Primo Primo N4FL LT Front Wheel
Primo N4FL Front wheel.
Primo Primo Remix V3 LT Rear Wheel
A rear cassette wheel featuring the Remix V3 hub, Balance V2 rim, and 2 hubguards.
Primo Primo Freemix LT Rear Wheel
The Freemix LT Rear Wheel is made of CNC machined Aluminum 6061-T6 and features the Freemix hub, Balance V2 rim, and 2 hubguards.
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